Looking Back and Moving Forward

PSIHeroNext week Pine Street Inn will be hosting its graduation ceremony. This annual event celebrates all the men and women who completed one of Pine Street’s job training programs in the past year. Seventy-seven trainees from the Food Service Training Program (FSTP) will be donning caps and gowns in front of family and friends. In honor of their movement forward, this is a great time to take a reflective look back.

FSTP is rigorous in and of itself. But this year had an extra challenge in store: snowpocalypse. Boston broke its record for most snowfall in a season, causing 2 states of emergency to be declared. Statewide travel bans were put into place, and the T ran limited service when not shut down completely.

Despite the extreme challenges, iCater wasn’t about to let its bulk meal customers go hungry. With every storm, plans were formed to send several days’ worth of meals in one delivery to every customer. These plans were shared with them in advance so they knew what to expect.

To keep the kitchen running some members of the staff stayed at Pine Street Inn overnight, among them Executive Chef Frank Van Overbeeke and Sous Chef Carey Snow. But they weren’t the only ones with that dedication. Trainees still came in as they were able to help meet the demands. Their schedules were adjusted as needed based on the states of emergency. One of them even walked over 4 miles to make it to our kitchen.

Extra hands were needed not only for food preparation, but for delivery as well. During the first storm alone 3,805 meals were served. To celebrate the sacrifices and accomplishments of our dedicated staff and trainees, commemorative Boston Snowpocalypse 2015 mugs were made and distributed.

This is just one story of many that will be celebrated at graduation. If these are any indication, the future is looking bright.