VCS Hospitality Tips

Part of the Visiting Chef Series is a monthly hospitality class provided by Legal Sea Foods. The Hospitality class gives the trainees the chance to get professional insights on front of the house operations. On June 10th, the class was led by Guy Pierce. He discussed some of the many facets that make up his personal philosophy on hospitality.

For starters, service and hospitality aren’t always the same thing. Hospitality is that extra personal touch. It’s taking a drink order instead of just providing a self-service machine. And it can be as simple as a nod and a smile. It lets guests know that they are taken care of. A balance needs to be struck, however, between what is right for a guest and what is right for the business.

Hospitality is also something that shouldn’t just be provided to patrons. A restaurant is a team, and every single role is crucial to operations running smoothly. There is structure, but there is also plenty of chaos. Therefore, hospitality should be given within as well. Providing assistance to anyone who needs it goes a long way.

No matter how smoothly the team runs, mistakes will happen. The important thing is how they are handled. In any situation, it’s best to identify the next right thing to do, and move forward.